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Chapter 1 – This is what I heard.

Chapter 2 – Subhuti, who was sitting in the congregation, rose from his seat

Chapter 3 – All living beings, whether born from eggs, from the womb

Chapter 4 – In the practice of compassion and charity a disciple should be detached

Chapter 5 – Can the Buddha be recognized by means of his bodily form?

Chapter 6 – In the future, if a person hears this teaching

Chapter 7 – Subhuti, has the Buddha arrived at the highest, most fulfilled

Chapter 8 – If a person filled over ten thousand galaxies with the seven treasures

Chapter 9 – Does one who has entered the stream which flows to enlightenment

Chapter 10 – When I was in a previous life, with Dipankara Buddha

Chapter 11 – Subhuti, if there were as many Ganges rivers as

Chapter 12 – Subhuti, if any person in any place were to teach even four lines

Chapter 13 – By what name shall we know this Sutra, so that it can be honored

Chapter 14 – Subhuti had understood its profound meaning and was moved to tears

Chapter 15 – If on the one hand, a son or daughter of a good family gives up

Chapter 16 – Furthermore, Subhuti, if a good man or good woman who accepts

Chapter 17 – At that time, the venerable Subhuti then asked the Buddha

Chapter 18 – Does the Buddha have human eyes?

Chapter 19 – If a follower were to give away enough treasures to fill 3,000 universes

Chapter 20 – Subhuti, what do you think, should one look for Buddha

Chapter 21 – Subhuti, do not maintain that the Buddha has this thought

Chapter 22 – Subhuti again asked, “Blessed lord, when you attained complete

Chapter 23 – What I have attained in total Enlightenment is the same as others

Chapter 24 – Subhuti, if a person collected treasures as high as 3,000 of the highest

Chapter 25 – Subhuti, do not say that the Buddha has the idea, ‘I will lead all

Chapter 26 – Is it possible to recognize the Buddha by the 32 physical marks?

Chapter 27 – However, Subhuti, if you think that the Buddha realizes the highest

Chapter 28 – Subhuti, if someone gives treasures equal to the number of sands

Chapter 29 – Subhuti, if any person were to say that the Buddha is now coming or

Chapter 30 – Subhuti, if any good person, either man or woman, were to take 3,000

Chapter 31 – If any person were to say that the Buddha, in his teachings, has

Chapter 32 – Subhuti, if anyone gave to the Buddha an immeasurable quantity of the


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