Video Versions of The Diamond Sutra

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“Diamond Sutra” – New Reading

Note: In this Newer video version, there are three voices reading.

In this new version of the Diamond Sutra, each part of the Sutra is read by a different reader. The graphics and organization is also updated and improved. (Released Oct. 2019)

Please enjoy this video created by Shaun Fong, and share this video where appropriate.

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“Diamond Sutra – A New Translation”

Note: In this Original video version, the voice is only one male reading.
Screen Shot of Video Version of Diamond Sutra - Video by Saun Fong, Hong Kong
Screen Shot of Video Version of Diamond Sutra – Video by Saun Fong, Hong Kong

Shaun, a website visitor from Hong Kong, was inspired to make a video version of this new translation of the Diamond Sutra.

He combined the Audio reading of the Diamond Sutra read by Ryan (a website visitor from Maryland), with background music and a translation to Chinese in order to extend the reach and scope of this sutra.

The result is a beautiful new Video Version of the Diamond Sutra available with English and Chinese subtitles.

Included below is part of the e-mail I received from Shaun explaining his motivation and plans for the new video version of the Diamond Sutra.

Please enjoy this video and visit Shaun’s YouTube channel – Dharmachakra Wheel of the Dharma – which includes links to many videos about Buddhist sutras.

Excerpt of E-mail From Shaun re:
Video Version of Diamond Sutra

“Recently, I am inspired by videos in YouTube, those videos are Chinese Sutra Readings, since in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, there is many Buddhist Sutra Reading in video format, and most important, they are subtitled.”

“But in English Speaking World, there is many difficulties as state below.
1. It is difficult to find English Buddhist Sutra
2. It is difficult to find an audio of a Buddhist Sutra
3. It is difficult to find a video to chant or read Buddhist Sutra with subtitle”

“In Chinese Diamond Sutra, as it is written by ancient classical Chinese, which most Chinese people doesn’t not understand the meaning of this sutra, not even a sentence. But English Diamond Sutra is different, they are much more easier to be understand, and with the help of subtitles in English and Chinese, reading and absorb the concept of Diamond Sutra is no longer a far journey. “

“As this is the first attempt (probably the first time in mankind history) using Diamond Sutra and transform it into a wonderful video which includes Chinese and English subtitles, so I really really hope that you can permit it.”

“For the benefits of the sentient beings, please do this on behalf of those who still cannot fully understand the meaning of this sutra, as Diamond Sutra said”,

Subhuti, if a person collected treasures as high as 3,000 of the highest mountains, and gave them all to others, their merit would be less than what would accrue to another person who simply observed and studied this sutra and, out of kindness, explained it to others.


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