“3 Voices” Video Version of The Diamond Sutra

Click for “3 Voices” Video Version of
“The Diamond Sutra – A New Translation”

Note: In this Newer video version, there are three voices reading.

In this new version of the Diamond Sutra, each part of the Sutra is read by a different reader.  The graphics and organization is also updated and improved. (Released Oct. 2019)

Please enjoy this video created by Shaun Fong, and share this video where appropriate.

Shaun visited the Diamond-Sutra.com website and was inspired to make a video of the reading of this powerful sutra.

The video Shaun made includes the audio reading contributed by Ryan, who is another visitor who was motivated to make an audio version of the Diamond Sutra.

Shaun wanted to include a Chinese translation of this new English translation – so the final video is a combination of the English and Chinese translations, with the English translation read by Ryan.

You can watch the newer, 3 Voice Version  Video of the Diamond Sutra by Shaun on YouTube by clicking here.

Shaun’s YouTube channel is Dharmachakra Wheel of the Dharma and includes links to many videos about Buddhist sutras.

I encourage you to visit Shaun’s YouTube channel “Beautiful Buddhism Mantra and Video Channel” and subscribe.

Thank you Shaun for a wonderful contribution that will spread the power of the Diamond Sutra to even more people around the world!

Your inspired work and contribution will reach many people and inspire visitors for many years to come.

Alex Johnson


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