New “Diamond Sutra” Video Available Now

Click for Video Version of “Diamond Sutra – A New Translation”

Shaun visited the website and was inspired to make a video of the reading of this powerful sutra.

The video Shaun made includes the audio reading contributed by Ryan, who is another visitor who was motivated to make an audio version of the Diamond Sutra.

Shaun wanted to include a Chinese translation of this new English translation – so the final video is a combination of the English and Chinese translations, with the English translation read by Ryan.

You can watch the Video of the Diamond Sutra by Shaun on YouTube by clicking here.

Shaun’s YouTube channel isĀ Dharmachakra Wheel of the Dharma and includes links to many videos about Buddhist sutras.

I encourage you to visit Shaun’s YouTube channel “Beautiful Buddhism Mantra and Video Channel” and subscribe.

Thank you Shaun for a wonderful contribution that will spread the power of the Diamond Sutra to even more people around the world!

Your inspired work and contribution will reach many people and inspire visitors for many years to come.

Alex Johnson


New Audio Reading of Diamond Sutra

top_logo1 A visitor to this website was inspired to make an audio version of the reading of the Diamond Sutra.

His name is Ryan, from Baltimore Maryland, and he took the time to make a recording of the reading of this translation of the Diamond Sutra to use as another avenue to access and enjoy this great Sutra.

You can read more about his inspiration, and listen to the audio file by visiting our Audio Reading of the Diamond Sutra Page.

Click to Listen to the Diamond Sutra Here

The feedback and inspiration of readers who enjoy the Diamond Sutra makes this site well worth the effort… it is a labor of love for me. Thanks again to all of you who visit this site and enjoy it.

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Alex Johnson

Reader Testimonials For The Diamond Sutra

top_logo1 I often get kind and encouraging words sent to me by the readers of this new translation of the Diamond Sutra, available online for all to read.

On occasion I will contact the person back and ask if I can use their words to put on my testimonials page.

If you decide to send in your own comments, let me know if you would like them to be included in my testimonials page for permanent archives there. I will not include any personal information about you.

From time to time I will add in some more testimonials.

Thanks again for your support of this website and your interest in the Diamond Sutra.

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Welcome to “Diamond Sutra – A New Translation”

top_logo1Thanks for visiting the Diamond Sutra Translation website.

I have upgraded the look and feel of the site this February, to make the text of the Diamond Sutra even more readable online.

The earlier version of the site did not have any formatting of the text, and in this new online version I have highlighted the Buddha’s words to make them stand out and easier to read. This seems to make the text flow better, and highlight the most important parts at the same time.

It took quite a lot of work to reformat and improve this website, so it is my hope that you enjoy your visit here.

Please share this website with others you know if you find it valuable – I appreciate the support of the many visitors who leave kind comments and contributions to support the maintenance and reach of this website.

Thanks again for visiting,

Alex Johnson