New Audio Reading of Diamond Sutra

top_logo1 A visitor to this website was inspired to make an audio version of the reading of the Diamond Sutra.

His name is Ryan, from Baltimore Maryland, and he took the time to make a recording of the reading of this translation of the Diamond Sutra to use as another avenue to access and enjoy this great Sutra.

You can read more about his inspiration, and listen to the audio file by visiting our Audio Reading of the Diamond Sutra Page.

Click to Listen to the Diamond Sutra Here

The feedback and inspiration of readers who enjoy the Diamond Sutra makes this site well worth the effort… it is a labor of love for me. Thanks again to all of you who visit this site and enjoy it.

Please visit the Contact & Support Page to learn how you can support making the Diamond Sutra available to everyone online, and leave your comments as well.

Alex Johnson

One thought on “New Audio Reading of Diamond Sutra”

  1. Dear Alex I am fromChina i read diamond sutra one time a day in Chinese version. The Chinese version is very popular among Chinese people, however a bit difficult to understand. because it was translated a thousand years ago by a famous master. in order to fully understand the sutra, i am thinking maybe this sutra has an English version so i searched the web and found your site. i was so pleased and read the texts at once. amazingly i found that the English version is very much like Chinese version in terms of translation. as you know the original version has to be indian. so this will help me understand the meaning of diamond sutra. so ijust want to say thank you. by the way reading diamond sutra gives me alot of benefits which unexplainable. this sutra is really unbelievable

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