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top_logo1Thanks for visiting the Diamond Sutra Translation website.

I have upgraded the look and feel of the site this February, to make the text of the Diamond Sutra even more readable online.

The earlier version of the site did not have any formatting of the text, and in this new online version I have highlighted the Buddha’s words to make them stand out and easier to read. This seems to make the text flow better, and highlight the most important parts at the same time.

It took quite a lot of work to reformat and improve this website, so it is my hope that you enjoy your visit here.

Please share this website with others you know if you find it valuable – I appreciate the support of the many visitors who leave kind comments and contributions to support the maintenance and reach of this website.

Thanks again for visiting,

Alex Johnson

4 thoughts on “Welcome to “Diamond Sutra – A New Translation””

  1. Thank you, Alex for translating and publishing my favourite sutra. You have made it accessible to many. Great work! Hopefully the sutra brings peace to all who reads it. Keep up the good effort! šŸ™
    Namaste, Wan Lin.

  2. thank you for this, I often listen to this before falling asleep. Besides, I do not see some parts from Conze’s version is not in this translation. That is the latter part of Chapter 14, and Conze’s translation is like the following:

    And why? Because the Tathagata speaks in accordance with reality, speaks the truth, speaks of what is, not otherwise. A Tathagata does not speak falsely.
    But nevertheless, Subhuti, with regard to that dharma which the Tathagata has fully known and demonstrated, on account of that there is neither truth nor fraud. In darkness a man could not see anything. Just so should be viewed a Bodhisattva who has fallen among things, and who, fallen among things, renounces a gift. A man with eyes would, when the night becomes light and the sun has arisen, see manifold forms. Just so should be viewed a Bodhisattva who has not fallen among things, and who, without having fallen among things, renounces a gift.
    Furthermore, Subhuti, those sons and daughters of good family who will take up this discourse on Dharma, will bear it in mind, recite, study, and illuminate it in full detail for others, they have been known, Subhuti, by the Tathagata with his Buddha-cognition, they have been seen, Subhuti, by the Tathagata with his Buddha-eye, they have been fully known by the Tathagata. All these beings, Subhuti, will beget and acquire an immeasurable and incalculable heap of merit.

    Please check~

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