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top_logo1 I often get kind and encouraging words sent to me by the readers of this new translation of the Diamond Sutra, available online for all to read.

On occasion I will contact the person back and ask if I can use their words to put on my testimonials page.

If you decide to send in your own comments, let me know if you would like them to be included in my testimonials page for permanent archives there. I will not include any personal information about you.

From time to time I will add in some more testimonials.

Thanks again for your support of this website and your interest in the Diamond Sutra.

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10 thoughts on “Reader Testimonials For The Diamond Sutra”

  1. Thank you for your translation. I have a hard understand the Chinese version with its archaic Chinese characters. You deserve all the merits, because your new translation is easy to grasp the depth of dharma. Thank you a million

  2. Hi, I am a part time thinker, i think, 🙂 ancient texts are a good scource for some thinking or insights or enlightenment, whatever that is. You did a good job of reading all sorts of versions available and come up with the best version for anyone who are too busy to read all those versions.

    Thank you, VERY MUCH.

    My tiny question is, i came to your site around 2011, the text of the sutra was different from the current text on the site? is there a page about the updating information?

    Thank you again!

  3. I am not Buddhist; I am Roman Catholic. I don’t know any Chinese Japanese Sanskrit nor Pali. But I appreciate the clarity of this English. I don’t usually have enough stillness to read something like this at one sitting. The deep simplicity and clarity helped me be still. How beautiful! The name of Jesus and the name of Gautama are kind of figures of speech aren’t they? There’s an in-commonness I sense here. Makes me want to re-read and re-receive some parts of the Gospels I have resisted or just not gotten!

    And makes me want to read and meditate on some more sutras. Even though this is a hard sharp thing
    that may take a long time to accept you make it understandable.

  4. This is a very wonderful translation in simple English and it gives the real essence of Buddha’s reaching with great clarity and direct. It is the best translation that I have sofar read. Thank you very much from the deep of my heart. May all the sentient beings become clear on this Essence .

  5. Bravo!
    What a mind bender this Sutra was in its earlier incarnations.
    Thank you very much for this new, klar text translation.

    Now all we need is a German translation. 😸

  6. I would make a comment, but since I am not a person, am not an entity, not a thing, but a disciple that has obtained true enlightenment, I really have nothing to say except, don’t listen to my teachings.

  7. Thank you for your work, dear translator.
    I am yet to know if this wisdom is something that I will ever be able to comprehend, but it helped me a lot to see the depths of my own delusions.
    The words at the end about how the Buddha suggested to contemplate are really something to make me wonder about the buddhist teachings. Great work, thank you!

  8. From what text was this abridged version translated from? Instead of using timeless phrases, the reader/listener is distracted by dumb phrases, like “Without a doubt, Subuti!”, and anachronisms like “thy disciples.” Where is “beginningless time”? Was that dropped because it was too difficult to understand? The purpose of Buddha’s words is to lead sentient beings out of the cycle of rebirths, not to amuse those who cannot make the effort to understand. It takes years of study to master a Sutra such as the Vajra Cutter. I hope this casual twaddle at least introduces readers to Buddhism, awakening the desire to master real Sutras. Here’s hoping this site will lead seekers to teachings such as this:
    where they can learn the full unabridged text.

    1. 須菩提、於意云何。可以身相見如來不。不也世尊。不可以身相得見如來。何以故。如來所說身相卽非身相。佛吿須菩提、凡所有相皆是虛妄。若見諸相非相則見如來.
      The form of the words bother you? Burn the raft.

  9. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for this clear translation of a most wonderful teaching of Buddha. As someone who is still very much affected by “self”, this guidance is invaluable.


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